Friday, March 28, 2014

ABC's of Me!

I saw this post on Erin's page and it reminded me of all those times I did the same thing on Facebook as a teenager, so here we go!

A - Age: 25.
B - Birthday: January 22. still in that awkward stage after Christmas where people think it's appropriate to give you combined Christmas and Birthday gifts. NOT COOL.
C - Color: Pink!
D - Drink: Sonic Route 44 Unsweet Tea with extra raspberry flavor add-in! Before I gave up cokes completely it used to be a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla flavor add-in. 
E - Eyes: Green
F - Flashback: Mine and Jesse’s frst date, we were adorable. 

G - Gents - see above :)
H - Hobby: I have just started sewing and I love it!
I - Indulgence – Sour cream and onion potato chips and a Dr. Pepper. I will take this before a cheat meal any day.
J - Job: Will not be talked about on my blog, just know that I save lives. :)
K - Kiddos: Rylee. He’s a chorkie and he’s almost 4 and I love him more than I love most people. He is my best friend.

he snapchats.

L - Love: Jesse.
M - Music: Mostly country but some top 40 also.
N - Nickname: I have always wanted a nickname and never got one. Womp womp. Interesting fact of the day.. My frends names are Amy, Brittneigh, Hailee, Jesse, Rylee.. I’m the only one with out a –y sound at the end of my name so sometimes my boyfriend calls me Heatheigh to make me feel better.
O - One Wish: That me Jesse and Rylee can lead happy, healthy lives.. and that I can be skinny.. I’m hoping to catch Mono or something..
P - Pets: Rylee. . we also had a beta fish named Carl for about a year.. his death was tragic.
Q - Quote: It will all be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
R - Residence: An apartment. I really want a house.. like, really..
S - Siblings: Katelyn, she’s 21. 

T - Temperature: Hot. Very hot. I would rather it be 95 degrees than 65.
U - University: LSU!

my phone was broken and I really needed a selfie.

V - Vehicle: A Chevy Cobalt. I bought and paid for it all by myself when I was 18 and now it is paid off and so hard to get rid of.. I would really like a Ford Flex and I might get one this year but not having a car payment is so nice!
W - Worst Habit: admittedly, I drink too many margaritas at one time, amongst many others.
X - XRays: I had 21 done yesterday.. seriously. My sister is in Dental Hygiene School and needed someone to do a practical on, so I volunteered!
Y - Yuck: milk. I’m lactose intolerant and milk just.. ugh. gross. It doesn’t even taste good.
Z - Zodiac: Aquarius.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Weekend Recap!

  Happy Monday everyone!!
  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I didn't post Friday and I don't have a long post today, I just wanted to say hi!!
  My weekend was pretty uneventful.. went to look at venues Friday for an engagement party I am throwing.. Saturday I got a spray tan and my nails done in that order, bad idea, my fingertips are a different color than the rest of me. then I had Italian cheat meal that I didn't even enjoy.
  Sunday we caught the matinee Divergent. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it but it was GREAT! I am not a Shailene Woodley fan, mostly because I don't believe in being different just for the sake of being different which I think she is, but the movie was phenomenal and I would definitely go see it again. Highly recommend! There is some violence but I think the message is worth it to kids so if you have older kids I would even say send them!
  Well, that's about all I have for today! Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things I don't Understand (about Blogging).

I think I have stated this once or twice.. BLOGGING IS HARD. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. No idea what I should write about.. and NO IDEA how to make friends.. so I decided to make a list in hopes that one day, someone who knows what they are doing may read this and have pity on my poor, poor soul.. p.s. even if you are a "new blogger" i still accept pity.
[ONE] Is it rude to link my page in the comments I make on other people's pages? I would not consider this rude if it were me but it seems like those comments are the ones I don't get commented back to.
[TWO] How the eff do you make a freakin button?!?! Like, really slowly explain it to me! i want glittery fonts and like, script and awesomeness. Or, I bet you need practice, wanna make one for me? That would be FABULOUS!!
[THREE] Why is it when I look on Pinterest at blog ideas every single one is "HOW TO MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG!!" Well Pinterest, thanks, but lets take baby steps first, shall we? I doubt I will ever make money off of my blog and if I do, I am thinking people will actually need to read it first!
[FOUR] Should I tell my friends about this blog? I don't really want to. My boyfriend knows.. that's about it.. but one day when I say, hey I'm brave, let's share my blog with others will it be too late? Will they be like, why didn't you tell us sooner that is such a great idea, I want to blog too!! How rude will I look.. Okay, my friends won't think I'm rude, but you get the point.. 
[FIVE] Back to Pinterest, it is always asking me the following..
   "what is the vision for your blog?" uhm.. not to suck. 
   "what kind of blogger are you?" i'm a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch.. Apparently that is not an available category. Snobs. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jolly Rancher Jell-O Shots.

  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
A lot of you may not know this, but the area I live in has one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day Parades in America. So in honor of this, and the fact that I find it pretty hilarious people actually come from out of town to view the shit-fest that is our St. Patrick's Day Parade I thought I would introduce you to every southern girl's best friend/worst nightmare when it comes to a party.. Jell-O shots. 
  Now, I have tried about a million different ways to make Jell-O shots but the easiest way has always tasted the best. And, not to brag but I have often been complimented with making the best Jell-O shots EVER. Granted, some of these people may have been slightly intoxicated but a lot of them remembered afterwards and I am always granted this task for the parade.. so without further ado.. 

Step One: Go shopping. 
You will need:
Jell-O (I highly recommend Jolly Rancher Jell-O)
Sugar (if you buy regular Jell-O).
Containers for Jello.  
-> I recommend Jolly Rancher Jell-O because I feel like it has the best flavor and you do not have to add sugar, but it is up to you.. 
     Pro Tip: If you have waited until the last minute the night before St. Patrick's Day to go get your Jell-O mixing the blue and yellow packs (of regular Jell-O) taste just as good as just green Jell-O..
-> I usually buy the middle of the line vodka, not the cheapest because, gross.. but not the most expensive because a lot of the taste will be masked by the Jell-O anyway. 
-> I usually buy a couple of packs of these plastic cups and fill them halfway. Some people buy the small containers restaurants give you when you get to-go salad dressing but I find these work better because you can squeeze them and you can get more for less money.  

  Step Two: Make Jell-O shots. 
1. Boil (1) cup of water for every small Jell-O pack you have.
-> I do not recommend making more than 2 or 3 at a time because you will have to rush later, if you have a lot of help you may be able to make more at a time. 
2. Add small packet of Jell-O. 
3. Add 1/2 cup of sugar. 
-> this step is unnecessary if you are using the Jolly Rancher Jell-O.

Once everything is mixed together (while still hot)
 4. Add 1 cup chilled Vodka for every cup of water you have added.
 5. Pour into container and let set over night.
-> you have to be pretty fast at this part because your Jell-O will start getting solid before you have actually finished pouring it into the containers. That's why I recommend only doing a small amount at a time.

  Pretty easy right? I have made these for everything from the parade to a bachelorette party and they are always a hit!

Vodka Gummy Bears.

1. Put Gummy Bears in bowl. 
2. Drown bears in vodka. 
3. Let set over night. 

Easy! You now have vodka that tastes like Gummy Bears and Gummy Bears that are vodka infused! YUM! 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Backthatazzup Monday? Gif Edition

  LinkUps are probably my favorite thing about blogging.

  This week has been terrible you might think it is looking up because YAY! it's almost the weekend.. buuuut I have to work all weekend.

  Wednesday I lied to ya'll and said I was going to the gym and I did not so that means after I work all weekend I will be going everyday. Which I am actually going to do. I partially blame Jesse for me not going though because I would say, "are we going to the gym?" Meaning "*I* am going to the gym, are you coming with me?" And he would say, "Yes, lets just do ______ first.." and then we never went.

  He is working this weekend though so I won't have an excuse. I will just go after I get off work.. and tan.
  On top of that I have eaten like crap. We are approaching 40 days until vacation so I have really got to get on my A Game. Like that will help by the time it gets here..

  Here is to hoping the rest of the week goes much better than it has thus far.. and that I don't do this..
Now for the linkup!
It's #backthatazzup friday!
Go visit Whitney and link up also!!

This song is very appropriate for my week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings.

  I have not been to the gym in THREE DAYS. Ugh. Sunday was an off day so that’s not so bad! Monday I have no idea what happened, I came home from work, sat down with my boyfriend and looked up and it was 9:30! And then, last night, I subbed for my mom’s bunko group. I am going tonight and I know I am going to wish I hadn’t taken this mini break but I am not going to stop going or let this get me off track. I try to go at least 3 times a week so I will just have to make it up.

  I have been pretty busy, this week I am working 60 hours and honestly I am glad! For one, overtime! For another, I eat better when I am working. I guess it is because I can plan better.

  I am sending my dog Rylee to obedience classes in May. Honestly, we should have sent him to puppy classes but it just did not happen. He is the sweetest dog in the world and a good dog MOST OF THE TIME. If he is let out often enough, he doesn’t have accidents BUT if he isn’t let out he just doesn’t tell us he needs to go. I know this is an owner problem and not a dog problem but it gets frustrating. I can however tell you, he is the most loved puppy I know AND the most loving! J The classes that we will be going to will be good for him because he will be around more dogs and will learn better habits. I know a lady that has taken all of her dogs to these classes and her dogs ring a bell when they want to go out! How cool is that?!
early morning snuggles with my very best friend.
  Well, that’s about all I have for today.. Blogging is hard.. Especially since I feel most of the time like I am talking to myself because I’m pretty sure no one reads this..

Monday, March 10, 2014

Annoying Monday.

I think I need mood altering medication sometimes, ya'll. Seriously. Some things just really get on my nerves. I mean, really! And I will be the first to Admit, some of them are completely irrational. I don't like to intentionally hurt other's feelings so the people doing these things don't even know but UUUGGGHHH! Annoying!!
So, in honor of everyone's least favorite day of the week here are 6 things that really get under my skin. 

  Sending me an email typed in Comic Sans. Well, anything typed in Comic Sans really. I can not take you seriously.
  Any color hi-liter other than yellow at the office. It just looks so unprofessional to me. I didn't even use anything other than yellow in college. I know this one is really irrational but it bothers me. 
  The fact that people fish in the pond at our apartments. It's a POND. There are fish in it. I get it. But (to me) it just looks SO BAD. I hate it. I do not like coming home at the end of the day seeing people wearing the worst clothes that they own standing around my building. My boyfriend says this is snooty of me buuuut...
  Intentionally mispronouncing words. It's "library" not "lie-berry". 
  Posting things on the internet that you would not say to someone's face. I don't get this. It doesn't make you look witty or cool. It makes you look like a loser. And don't get mad when people call you a loser because that's exactly what you are. 
  Putting down others for not liking/disliking the same things you like/dislike. Harry Potter is cool. You don't have to read it or think the memes are funny, but I do. Same thing goes for Keeping up with the Kardashians. Scott Disick is hilarious, okay? 

I'm just eating some placenta.

Well that's all I have for this lovely Monday morning. I could have made this list much longer but it starts getting very irrational! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and your week is awesome! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Back that Azz Up Five Times.

[ONE] I am so looking forward to spending the whole day with my boyfriend today! So far we have planned to go to the gun range (we are pro-gun people, obviously) and then to go get a mani/pedi. I don't usually shoot anything but pistols at the gun range but I do enjoy driving the golf cart around the clay range (there is a better name for where you go shoot clay with a shotgun but I can't think of it right now). I doubt Jesse will be partaking in the mani/pedi festivities but I certainly don't mind getting one myself. We have been together almost 4 years and I really still enjoy spending time with him no matter what we are doing.. he is my favorite friend. 

[TWO] Jesse has to work this weekend so I will be entertaining myself. On the agenda so far is crawfish with friends! YES!! I absolutely can not wait. I have been craving crawfish so bad for the last couple of weeks so I was glad when my friend Hailee thought it was a good idea to get some friends together and go. Did you know there are 327 calories in one pound of crawfish? That's a high number but I actually expected more and I have been paying extra attention to my diet all week in preparation for this weekend. And I doubt I will even eat that much. Semi-related, what do you call crawfish where you live? Crayfish? Mudbugs?

[THREE] My clothes are starting to fit better! Thank you Jesus!! It's only been about 2 weeks so I am glad I am making progress. And it is nice because I have a closet full of clothes that don't fit and I feel like I am constantly recycling outfits.

[FOUR] My dog has been extra sweet all week. He is normally very cuddly but he has just been wanting nonstop attention. I don't mind one bit! It is nice to have some company while Jesse is out of town for work.

[FIVE] I made breaded baked tilapia the other night and it was so good! Not to mention it was really easy. I pretty much took a recipe I found on Pinterest and added my own twist! I love making healthy meals especially when they turn out deliciously, and my Pinterest is full of them! Does anyone else have more than one food board? I have one with healthy food, one with regular fat girl delicious food, one for cooking in the crockpot, and one for Juicing which I really want to try.. overkill?

Thanks for reading my 5 on Friday, I must say I really enjoy linkups soo.. i'm doing two! Mwahahahaha!!!
I'm linking up with Whitney for.. 
#backthatazzup friday!

Confesh sesh: I have this station on my pandora and listen to it when I clean my house. It makes the time go by so much faster!
So, here are some cleaning jams for you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Real Quick.

Hey everyone! I am here with a short post today! I just wanted to check in real quick to link y'all up with a few things.. 

1. Does your boyfriend like to hunt? Does he have a blog? Mine LOVES to hunt and he just started a blog at the same time as me over at if you're an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) check him out, hes pretty awesome.
2. My pinterest page blew up yesterday after linking you up to it, but I do not have any more followers on here. Woe is me, right? I think it has something to do with not knowing anything about blogging but I do not know how to put my blog on a reader like bloglovin' so if anyone has any tips, that would be awesome.. also, here is what I saw yesterday when i looked at my Pinterest.. 
yes, i am the annoying girl who puts hearts and 
"i love you" around pictures of my boyfriend, sue me.
I decided to make a "like page" on facebook, because I am apprehensive about having everything connected to my actual facebook so feel free to go like it!
3. Current bloggers, how did you put yourself out there when you first made your blog? I am not trying to make money off of my blog or anything but most of the time when i type I feel like I am just talking to myself.. what are some good communities to join? I joined a southern bloggers community but I was wondering if there were any more places out there where people can go and just meet others. Via the internet is it even called meeting? hmm.. 

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day as we get over the hump of this week and inch a little bit closer to the weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


  I am giving up the treadmill.
  You read that right. 
  No more treadmill!
  I have struggled with this for a while. I have gone through points where I worked out for extended periods of time but stopped because I literally hated the treadmill. I don’t like running but not because it's "hard" I could give a shit. I know that you have to work hard to get results. I honestly think I am hurting myself more than I am helping my self. Every day after I get off the treadmill my ankles are killing me. They feel like they are injured, not like a sore muscle. And (TMI ahead) my poor boobies, they are killing me, no matter what kind of sports bra I get or how tight or loose I wear them, it's BAD. There actually isn’t anything I like about the treadmill at all. So, after “jogging” one day (with Jesse next to me easily sprinting out 3 miles in what feels like a minute and a half) I came home and googled “is the treadmill the best cardio workout?” That’s when I saw it. The article said..
"The best cardio workout is the one you love."
  I definitely do not love the treadmill. In fact I hate, loathe, despise the treadmill. Now, I know there are people who are hated the treadmill and “fell in love” with running. I get that. I am so happy for you. I promise! But for as long as I can remember I have been a horrible runner. I have tried running before and stuck with it for a while, the pain never went away and I never really got any better. My own mother used to make fun of me with the kids on my softball team about how weird I look running. I am simply not a runner. I would rather work out doing something I enjoy than dread working out every day.
   To say I'm nervous about this is an understatement. I. AM. TERRIFIED. I do not want to "give up" on anything. I'm not a quitter. Not to mention some of the things I have read say stuff along the lines of "the treadmill is the best way to burn fat" while others say it is about the same on the elliptical. So I am going to get my cardio in a better way, the elliptical! I am listening to my body which is what I have been told to do all along and I don't think I am giving up as long as I am still going to the gym, working my ass off and sweating more than any person ever should. SO THERE.
   So, Sunday I did cardio on the elliptical and you know what? I enjoyed it! My boobies and ankles didn't hurt Monday and I was sore in places that I actually want to get smaller (SN: I am not looking forward to my boobies shrinking). I am actually looking forward to getting back on the elliptical today and going further and further every week!  IF I do not see results from using the elliptical I will just have to find some other type of cardio but from what I have read (and experienced.. once) the amount of calories burned are about the same, the only main difference is that the treadmill is high impact while the elliptical is low impact which I am honestly not that concerned with. Osteoporosis does not run in my family, I have never even broken a bone, and I am not currently trying to strengthen any bones I just do not want my ankles to break (or my boobies to fall off) and they have only ever hurt after the treadmill so… Elliptical it is!  

   In other news, I realized I haven't shared with y'all any of my pages. So, you can find me on Pinterest here and Instagram here.. 
   I am IN LOVE with Pinterest.. I have made so many recipes and such cute decor from there you wouldn't even believe it and the jokes and stuff?? I DIE. Seriously I pin funny stuff so it's worth it just for that to follow me. I also made this Instagram specifically for my blog so it is a little bare right now.. it will fill up soon though!

  Leave me comments about what you think! Am I quitting? Should I go back to the treadmill and hope the weird pains go away? Is the elliptical the sissy way out? Do you even think the elliptical works? I want to know! 

ETA: You should be able to find me on Bloglovin' now! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Skip Leg Day.

   I have had a great weekend! Which is nice considering I worked all weekend. From Monday to Sunday I will have put in 69 hours at the office so I am pretty grateful for 2 days off.
   Friday was pretty generic day and a great gym day. I got off work, tanned (I gotta get ready for Mexico!), and then went home to change then me and Jesse went to the gym. I have decided to not do C25K for now. Once I can actually maintain a jog then I might start back with C25K from the beginning. But I will talk about all of this in tomorrows post! :)  I do monitor my heart rate and make sure that it stays higher so I know I am getting the right amount of cardio in. After cardio I go to the weight machines and switch between legs/glutes, arm/shoulders, and abs depending on what day it is. Friday was leg/glutes day. I did the normal machines about 15 lbs on each machine and 15 reps 3 times.  Just your basic beginner’s leg day I guess.
   Then we got to the leg press. I assume the leg press is the same at every gym but just in case you don’t know that is basically where you are kind of laying at an incline, you put your feel on a pad and push upwards (I think it should be called a leg push but whatever). Anyway, so I am like “Jesse, how much weight do you think is the max I can do?” He guessed 100 lbs so of course I said “Pshh, I’m trying 300”. I DID 10 REPS! 
   Now, let me clarify. First, know that I am a hard headed little girl.. My boyfriend was like "don't do that you're going to hurt yourself" but I know my body and I know that my legs are the strongest part of me, probably from carrying my fat ass around all day. Second, this is not a “normal leg day” for me and we were pretty much just joking around. When I saw that I could move it relatively easily I decided to do 10 reps, if it hurt or if it was particularly hard to move I would not have done it and I don’t recommend you “playing around” with the machines at the gym. Your gym owner probably wouldn't appreciate that very much.  And you could get hurt. I'm not any more sore today than I am on a regular leg day so that is a pretty good sign. I did learn that when I am doing legs I can probably do more weight than I thought, so that's a good!
   The rest of the weekend was great! I worked Saturday and then Jesse and I had dinner with some friends. Here is a picture of me with some skinny bitches my friends. My friend Amy and I are wearing the same shirt, twinning! Oh, and excuse my hair, I worked 12 hours Saturday and in that time it had fallen and was looking pretty terrible. 
Excuse the red eyes, I tried my best to edit them out.. No luck :/
    My workout on Sunday is a different story all together. You can check my next blog post because, gosh. It's a lot to tell ya'll! I do not want to put it all in one post and overwhelm... maybe I am doing this blogging wrong but suspense is fun, no?
    Okay, now I need your opinion. I think I need different running shoes. I have Reebok ReeZigs. They are kind of old, about 2-3 years. But let’s not get that confused with “wore out”. It’s not like I've actually done a lot of activities in them and I don't wear on a daily basis. Anyway after I run I notice that the front of my ankles hurt (SN: Jesse told me not to call this my “bendy place”, but I’m not sure how else to explain it, is there a name for this area? Frankle?). Is that a normal place to be sore after you run? I’m also pretty sure I don’t have the greatest “form” when running, I just run. Soo, yea. Let me know what you think! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence Linkup!

Finish the sentence link up with Jake and Holly! My very first linkup EVER! I am so excited, I feel like this is a big moment in my blog history!
1. I always pick _____________ over ______________. wine over beer.. well, wine over anything really. But especially beer.. Beer drinkers of the world.. why? Does beer taste better to other people than it does to me? Yuck.

2. Look at the size of those... teeth. I got big uns. true story, when me and Jesse first started dating his exgirlfriend sent him a text telling him she hopes he is happy with his new "buck toothed"girlfriend.. womp womp.

3. I recently learned....
that blogging is hard! how am I supposed to have something to write about all of the time? i am looking forward to the time when i am used to this and coming up with a post is easy.

4. Only when no one is looking... do i sing in my car. y’all, in my car I am like Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera rolled into one, ONLY BETTER. But only when no one is looking and especially when no one is in the car with me, they obviously mess up the acoustics.

5. I lost my.... Keys on Monday and mind on Tuesday.. seriously. My boyfriend took my keys to work Monday and I worked 21 hours straight on Tuesday! That’s a long time to be looking at a computer screen, by the end I felt like my eyes were in the wrong holes.

6. I was certain I'd be... rich and famous by now.. what happened? It could be that I have zero talent or passion for anything anyone could ever be famous for but dang, can a sister not win the lottery or SOMETHING?!

7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to.... try the Zumba classes at the gym alone.. I want to do them so bad, but I am so uncoordinated and I have all this booty and absolutely no rhythm! With a friend I won’t care and we can laugh at each other while we learn. So until I find a friend to go with me or make friends with someone at the gym, I won’t be going.

8. I just finished... tanning. in a tanning bed.. and it was FABULOUS. Judge me all you want but I literally feel better after tanning.. you can’t get that feeling with a spray tan, you just can’t.

9. Why does everyone have to be... so rude! seriously, every where i go there are people who are just rude.. i’m talking like, people working in a business.. don't get snatched up!

10. It's very rare when I... have plans to do things and actually keep them.. for instance right this very second, I am supposed to be sewing some bibs for a friend to take to a baby shower and I am typing this post instead..

11. If I were a dog... I would snuggle all day.. and maybe see what pooping in the yard is like, ihear it’s nice.. or so this angel says..

12. I don't believe...
that we will be leaving the country in less than two months!! Ahhh!! I am so excited.. we are going on a cruise to Belize, Bay of Mahogany, Isle of Roatan, and Cozumel.. This is our second cruise and I absolutely can not wait for 7 days of no cell phones, unlimited room service, spa time and enjoying the sweet life with my man, I could not be more excited!!

Well, that was exciting! I am ready for another linkup. What are your favorites?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I did on Workout Wednesday.

          Yesterday was a pretty good day. My boyfriend, Jesse, decided to start a blog. It is a blog for “outdoorsmen” and probably where he will call me out on my crap if things get too crazy over on my blog. He said something about me being a drama queen, whatever. You can check him out at and you totally should. Anyway, back to what I did Wednesday.
          First of all I worked 21 hours Tuesday. I have a weird job where that can happen sometimes. So I worked from 6 a.m. Tuesday morning to 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Which means I didn't wake up to start the day until about noon.

          First me and Jesse went to have lunch. This is my biggest problem. Aside from never working out, I love to eat. I don’t eat because I am bored or sad or whatever.. I eat because I am hungry and I like the way food tastes! I can’t be the only one who feels this way.. Right?

After we got home I went to the tanning bed, I know it’s bad, hush. It makes me feel better and I pretend that I am melting away calories while I am in there. Then came home, did some things around the house with Jesse until we went to the gym.

I did day one of Couch to 5k (C25K for the cool kids). I can’t even do it. Seriously.. I got half way through and just jalked the rest of the way. What it a jalk, you ask? A jalk is a jog that turns into a walk. Not to be confused with wogging. Which is better than a jalk, it is a job that starts out as a walk, much more intense. Anyway, I finished C25K while Jesse ran about 85 times further and faster than me then we did “arms”. What I mean is Jesse showed me which machines were the arm machine and how to use them. 

So, what did you do for workout Wednesday? Also, if you haven’t yet, read my last blog where I tell about myself and comment which bloggers inspire you, cause I needs ta know, okay?! Do any of you watch Glozell? If not, you probably didn’t get that.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I titled this post "Choices" I guess it could have been titled "About Me", "Who am I?", or a number of other things, but I will leave it at "Choices". Because that is what this is about, choices (SN: if you say choices a lot, it stops sounding like a real word). More on that later, lets get started with the About Me part, I promise to keep it short, I hope..

My name is Heather. I take an annoying amount of selfies. Like, people make fun of me for it.. Not to my face, but they still do.. they'll get over it. I don't do it to be vain, I just need to see how I look sometimes.. okay, and, i like making funny faces AND I like annoying people on facebook with my selfies, the truth is out!

I am 25 years old and I live in the South. I love it here. I've never lived anywhere else but I am still pretty sure it's the best place to live, ever. I like fishing, I hate hunting, I am in love with Harry Potter and Mean Girls. 

I have a boyfriend named Jesse. He is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. He always tells me that I am pretty when I don't feel pretty and he will be silly with me whenever I want. I don't know what I would do without him!

And a dog named Rylee. He is awesome. He likes to snuggle and listens to my secrets. He also looks dang good in a sweater. 

I love my little "family". These two are seriously my favorites in all of the land!

My blog will be "semi-anonymous", at least for now. What do I mean by semi-anonymous? Basically, I will share pictures of myself, my boyfriend, and my dog but I am not planning on sharing this with my friends or other family members, at least not yet. I don't think I am ready for everyone I know to read what I post, at least not until I am comfortable writing.

Now, lets get on to the "choices" part of this, shall we? Let me tell you, I make horrible choices. I eat bad, I could go to the gym but I don't, I lay in the bed for way too much of my day. I am fat and I am lazy and it is my own fault.. until now. From this point forward, I will make GOOD choices. I will go to the gym, even when Jesse is working. I will eat better, and I will cook healthy food. 
Which comes back to the point of this blog.. to make friends! Friends who keep me accountable.. who have gone through what I am going through.. who are going through it right now. I have been through this too many times to count. Started a diet, lost a little weight, stopped, gained the weight back.. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I am sick of the way I look, I am sick of the way others look at me, and I am sick of the way I feel.
So, I guess it all comes down to this.. I will be skinny again.. I will look good.. and I will feel good! 

I was inspired to start a weight loss blog by,, and I am also totally in love with Holly from, Whitney from  makes me want to move to Florida everyday, Karly from is the funniest blogger i have ever read, and Kate from makes my hair beautiful.
Do you have a  blog? Post the link in the comments! I promise to check you out and leave you comments! Which blogs do you think are funny and inspiring? Who is your favorite "weight loss" blogger? Let me know! :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Day I Decided to Start Blogging..

Well, here we go, my very first blog post. I'm guessing this post is supposed to be me telling you a little about myself.. Do y'all know how awkward that is? Do you remember being in class and the teacher asking you to tell everyone about yourself and then thinking, "Oh God, who am I?" I feel like that's what is happening here times five because it's the internet and there are way more people to judge me here.. But since I pretty much don't care what people think and end up being the most awkward person ever anyway, I will just share with you a little about my morning so far, until I can compose a real About Me post.. 

4:00 a.m. my boyfriend's (Jesse) alarm goes off and he wakes up for work.. most of the time he is pretty good about this and doesn't bother me too much if I have gotten his clothes together the night before. Oh, he works 48 hour shifts out of town so he has to have extra clothes, underwear, his shaver, etc. I'm not a crazy girlfriend, just nice.. sometimes. Somehow he takes a shower and gets ready and is out of the door by 4:35-4:40. Don't ask me how, he is Superman I guess.
4:30 a.m. my alarm goes off.. I hit the snooze button. Shortly after this Jesse kisses me and Rylee (our dog) bye and leaves.
4:45 a.m. my alarm goes off again, I am halfway awake at this point and my dog is all the way awake so we get up and go outside.
4:55 a.m. I start getting ready.. hair, makeup, clothes, brushing teeth etc. the normal things people do when they get ready in the morning. I take a shower the night before and straighten my hair so this goes off pretty easily most days. Pretty boring so far, yes?
5:25 a.m. I am pouring coffee and getting ready to walk out of the door.. Rylee has food and water, I have my lunch ready and am about to walk out of the door, if I can only find my keys.. where are they? Key hanger? No, why would they be there? Purse? No, that would make too much sense. Kitchen cabinet? Nope, not there either. I check my car to make sure they aren't locked in there (again) and they aren't there either! Where could they be? 
By this time it is 5:35 and if I don't leave soon I am surely going to be annoying close to almost late for work (6:00 a.m. is what time I am supposed to be there 5:45 is what time my co-workers think I should get there). I try to get there around 5:50, I live about 12 minutes away from work so this is starting to get annoying. So I call Jesse our conversation goes something along the lines of this..

Me: Hey babe, just wondering, did you see my keys when you left for working this morning?"
Him: "Son of a ...!!"
Me: They are sitting on your console right beside you, aren't they?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "Son of a ...!!"

He is now over an hour away and there is no way he can just turn around and bring them to me which, even if he did that would only make BOTH of us late for work anyway. You're thinking, "it's fine girl, just use your spare key!" HA! Laughable. I lost that thing years ago. All of my family members and friends live a couple of (albeit small) towns away, so that is out. His mom is already on the way to work, so she can't help me. So I did the last thing I wanted to do.. I called work and got them to someone to come and get me. I guess that is one of perks of not living very far from work. But what an embarrassing call to make! "Hey, I am the least responsible person in the world! Can y'all send someone to come pick me up?" Gosh!! 
        This is pretty much par for the course for me. If it's not my keys it's my purse.. or my makeup bag.. or my driver's license (how does this even happen?) or some other thing that I definitely need to live my life in a normal manner! I didn't name this blog "Miss Hot Mess Express" for no reason!

So, here we are, the end of my very first blog post. I don't think anything could describe my life better than this morning can, but I will be back soon with a real About Me post complete with pictures and everything! Thanks for reading!