Friday, March 14, 2014

Backthatazzup Monday? Gif Edition

  LinkUps are probably my favorite thing about blogging.

  This week has been terrible you might think it is looking up because YAY! it's almost the weekend.. buuuut I have to work all weekend.

  Wednesday I lied to ya'll and said I was going to the gym and I did not so that means after I work all weekend I will be going everyday. Which I am actually going to do. I partially blame Jesse for me not going though because I would say, "are we going to the gym?" Meaning "*I* am going to the gym, are you coming with me?" And he would say, "Yes, lets just do ______ first.." and then we never went.

  He is working this weekend though so I won't have an excuse. I will just go after I get off work.. and tan.
  On top of that I have eaten like crap. We are approaching 40 days until vacation so I have really got to get on my A Game. Like that will help by the time it gets here..

  Here is to hoping the rest of the week goes much better than it has thus far.. and that I don't do this..
Now for the linkup!
It's #backthatazzup friday!
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This song is very appropriate for my week.


  1. Hey Heather!! Oh gosh, with the warmer weather approaching I am feeling some major pressure to in shape! Hang in there girl! :) HAGW!! xo

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a good weekend also!! :)