Monday, March 10, 2014

Annoying Monday.

I think I need mood altering medication sometimes, ya'll. Seriously. Some things just really get on my nerves. I mean, really! And I will be the first to Admit, some of them are completely irrational. I don't like to intentionally hurt other's feelings so the people doing these things don't even know but UUUGGGHHH! Annoying!!
So, in honor of everyone's least favorite day of the week here are 6 things that really get under my skin. 

  Sending me an email typed in Comic Sans. Well, anything typed in Comic Sans really. I can not take you seriously.
  Any color hi-liter other than yellow at the office. It just looks so unprofessional to me. I didn't even use anything other than yellow in college. I know this one is really irrational but it bothers me. 
  The fact that people fish in the pond at our apartments. It's a POND. There are fish in it. I get it. But (to me) it just looks SO BAD. I hate it. I do not like coming home at the end of the day seeing people wearing the worst clothes that they own standing around my building. My boyfriend says this is snooty of me buuuut...
  Intentionally mispronouncing words. It's "library" not "lie-berry". 
  Posting things on the internet that you would not say to someone's face. I don't get this. It doesn't make you look witty or cool. It makes you look like a loser. And don't get mad when people call you a loser because that's exactly what you are. 
  Putting down others for not liking/disliking the same things you like/dislike. Harry Potter is cool. You don't have to read it or think the memes are funny, but I do. Same thing goes for Keeping up with the Kardashians. Scott Disick is hilarious, okay? 

I'm just eating some placenta.

Well that's all I have for this lovely Monday morning. I could have made this list much longer but it starts getting very irrational! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and your week is awesome! 

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