Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Real Quick.

Hey everyone! I am here with a short post today! I just wanted to check in real quick to link y'all up with a few things.. 

1. Does your boyfriend like to hunt? Does he have a blog? Mine LOVES to hunt and he just started a blog at the same time as me over at if you're an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) check him out, hes pretty awesome.
2. My pinterest page blew up yesterday after linking you up to it, but I do not have any more followers on here. Woe is me, right? I think it has something to do with not knowing anything about blogging but I do not know how to put my blog on a reader like bloglovin' so if anyone has any tips, that would be awesome.. also, here is what I saw yesterday when i looked at my Pinterest.. 
yes, i am the annoying girl who puts hearts and 
"i love you" around pictures of my boyfriend, sue me.
I decided to make a "like page" on facebook, because I am apprehensive about having everything connected to my actual facebook so feel free to go like it!
3. Current bloggers, how did you put yourself out there when you first made your blog? I am not trying to make money off of my blog or anything but most of the time when i type I feel like I am just talking to myself.. what are some good communities to join? I joined a southern bloggers community but I was wondering if there were any more places out there where people can go and just meet others. Via the internet is it even called meeting? hmm.. 

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day as we get over the hump of this week and inch a little bit closer to the weekend!

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