Friday, March 7, 2014

Back that Azz Up Five Times.

[ONE] I am so looking forward to spending the whole day with my boyfriend today! So far we have planned to go to the gun range (we are pro-gun people, obviously) and then to go get a mani/pedi. I don't usually shoot anything but pistols at the gun range but I do enjoy driving the golf cart around the clay range (there is a better name for where you go shoot clay with a shotgun but I can't think of it right now). I doubt Jesse will be partaking in the mani/pedi festivities but I certainly don't mind getting one myself. We have been together almost 4 years and I really still enjoy spending time with him no matter what we are doing.. he is my favorite friend. 

[TWO] Jesse has to work this weekend so I will be entertaining myself. On the agenda so far is crawfish with friends! YES!! I absolutely can not wait. I have been craving crawfish so bad for the last couple of weeks so I was glad when my friend Hailee thought it was a good idea to get some friends together and go. Did you know there are 327 calories in one pound of crawfish? That's a high number but I actually expected more and I have been paying extra attention to my diet all week in preparation for this weekend. And I doubt I will even eat that much. Semi-related, what do you call crawfish where you live? Crayfish? Mudbugs?

[THREE] My clothes are starting to fit better! Thank you Jesus!! It's only been about 2 weeks so I am glad I am making progress. And it is nice because I have a closet full of clothes that don't fit and I feel like I am constantly recycling outfits.

[FOUR] My dog has been extra sweet all week. He is normally very cuddly but he has just been wanting nonstop attention. I don't mind one bit! It is nice to have some company while Jesse is out of town for work.

[FIVE] I made breaded baked tilapia the other night and it was so good! Not to mention it was really easy. I pretty much took a recipe I found on Pinterest and added my own twist! I love making healthy meals especially when they turn out deliciously, and my Pinterest is full of them! Does anyone else have more than one food board? I have one with healthy food, one with regular fat girl delicious food, one for cooking in the crockpot, and one for Juicing which I really want to try.. overkill?

Thanks for reading my 5 on Friday, I must say I really enjoy linkups soo.. i'm doing two! Mwahahahaha!!!
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Confesh sesh: I have this station on my pandora and listen to it when I clean my house. It makes the time go by so much faster!
So, here are some cleaning jams for you!


  1. Do you mean skeet shooting? I've done that once a few years back and loved it! I even hit more than my then bf haha. I've never had crawfish but I definitely want to try it- it's not easy to find in NJ! Stopping by from the linkup... Happy Friday!

    1. GIRL. You need crawfish in you're life! It is so good.. It's pretty much a staple where I'm from, Mississippi. And what he does is kind of like skeet shooting except the skeet come out in the pattern of a bunch of different animals like rabbits and things like that so the skeet is on the ground and in the air.. it is like a full course imagine putt putt for men with guns haha!

  2. Absolutely! This is the best version of the song :-) Stopping by from the #backthatazzup link-up!

    1. It definitely is! haha I am secretly a little wayne fan, especially when cleaning my house! and thank you for stopping by! I think you may be a "no reply" blogger by the way because I could not reply to your comment by email so I hope you see this!

  3. Hi from the linkup, girlie!
    Doll, I am SO the girl who repeats outfits if I don't really see anyone. It's awesome. I love doing it. Ha! Cheers to that!!! Happy weekend, love!! xx

  4. We call them crawdads in Oregon! :) We used to catch them all the time when I was a kid, but we never took them home to eat. I want to try them sometime though!
    Congrats on your clothes fitting better!! That is SUCH a nice feeling!