Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Skip Leg Day.

   I have had a great weekend! Which is nice considering I worked all weekend. From Monday to Sunday I will have put in 69 hours at the office so I am pretty grateful for 2 days off.
   Friday was pretty generic day and a great gym day. I got off work, tanned (I gotta get ready for Mexico!), and then went home to change then me and Jesse went to the gym. I have decided to not do C25K for now. Once I can actually maintain a jog then I might start back with C25K from the beginning. But I will talk about all of this in tomorrows post! :)  I do monitor my heart rate and make sure that it stays higher so I know I am getting the right amount of cardio in. After cardio I go to the weight machines and switch between legs/glutes, arm/shoulders, and abs depending on what day it is. Friday was leg/glutes day. I did the normal machines about 15 lbs on each machine and 15 reps 3 times.  Just your basic beginner’s leg day I guess.
   Then we got to the leg press. I assume the leg press is the same at every gym but just in case you don’t know that is basically where you are kind of laying at an incline, you put your feel on a pad and push upwards (I think it should be called a leg push but whatever). Anyway, so I am like “Jesse, how much weight do you think is the max I can do?” He guessed 100 lbs so of course I said “Pshh, I’m trying 300”. I DID 10 REPS! 
   Now, let me clarify. First, know that I am a hard headed little girl.. My boyfriend was like "don't do that you're going to hurt yourself" but I know my body and I know that my legs are the strongest part of me, probably from carrying my fat ass around all day. Second, this is not a “normal leg day” for me and we were pretty much just joking around. When I saw that I could move it relatively easily I decided to do 10 reps, if it hurt or if it was particularly hard to move I would not have done it and I don’t recommend you “playing around” with the machines at the gym. Your gym owner probably wouldn't appreciate that very much.  And you could get hurt. I'm not any more sore today than I am on a regular leg day so that is a pretty good sign. I did learn that when I am doing legs I can probably do more weight than I thought, so that's a good!
   The rest of the weekend was great! I worked Saturday and then Jesse and I had dinner with some friends. Here is a picture of me with some skinny bitches my friends. My friend Amy and I are wearing the same shirt, twinning! Oh, and excuse my hair, I worked 12 hours Saturday and in that time it had fallen and was looking pretty terrible. 
Excuse the red eyes, I tried my best to edit them out.. No luck :/
    My workout on Sunday is a different story all together. You can check my next blog post because, gosh. It's a lot to tell ya'll! I do not want to put it all in one post and overwhelm... maybe I am doing this blogging wrong but suspense is fun, no?
    Okay, now I need your opinion. I think I need different running shoes. I have Reebok ReeZigs. They are kind of old, about 2-3 years. But let’s not get that confused with “wore out”. It’s not like I've actually done a lot of activities in them and I don't wear on a daily basis. Anyway after I run I notice that the front of my ankles hurt (SN: Jesse told me not to call this my “bendy place”, but I’m not sure how else to explain it, is there a name for this area? Frankle?). Is that a normal place to be sore after you run? I’m also pretty sure I don’t have the greatest “form” when running, I just run. Soo, yea. Let me know what you think! 


  1. I'd recommend getting your running stride analyzed at a shoe store. Most will do it. You run on a treadmill and they see how you run and then can recommend different shoes. I did that because I was having a lot of pain after I would run and turns out I overpronate like crazy.

  2. Hey! Great job on the leg press!! (I've always thought it should be called a leg push too... haha) But how do I actually "follow" your blog?
    I've been trying to figure it out and I feel stupid, but I just can't!