Friday, February 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence Linkup!

Finish the sentence link up with Jake and Holly! My very first linkup EVER! I am so excited, I feel like this is a big moment in my blog history!
1. I always pick _____________ over ______________. wine over beer.. well, wine over anything really. But especially beer.. Beer drinkers of the world.. why? Does beer taste better to other people than it does to me? Yuck.

2. Look at the size of those... teeth. I got big uns. true story, when me and Jesse first started dating his exgirlfriend sent him a text telling him she hopes he is happy with his new "buck toothed"girlfriend.. womp womp.

3. I recently learned....
that blogging is hard! how am I supposed to have something to write about all of the time? i am looking forward to the time when i am used to this and coming up with a post is easy.

4. Only when no one is looking... do i sing in my car. y’all, in my car I am like Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera rolled into one, ONLY BETTER. But only when no one is looking and especially when no one is in the car with me, they obviously mess up the acoustics.

5. I lost my.... Keys on Monday and mind on Tuesday.. seriously. My boyfriend took my keys to work Monday and I worked 21 hours straight on Tuesday! That’s a long time to be looking at a computer screen, by the end I felt like my eyes were in the wrong holes.

6. I was certain I'd be... rich and famous by now.. what happened? It could be that I have zero talent or passion for anything anyone could ever be famous for but dang, can a sister not win the lottery or SOMETHING?!

7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to.... try the Zumba classes at the gym alone.. I want to do them so bad, but I am so uncoordinated and I have all this booty and absolutely no rhythm! With a friend I won’t care and we can laugh at each other while we learn. So until I find a friend to go with me or make friends with someone at the gym, I won’t be going.

8. I just finished... tanning. in a tanning bed.. and it was FABULOUS. Judge me all you want but I literally feel better after tanning.. you can’t get that feeling with a spray tan, you just can’t.

9. Why does everyone have to be... so rude! seriously, every where i go there are people who are just rude.. i’m talking like, people working in a business.. don't get snatched up!

10. It's very rare when I... have plans to do things and actually keep them.. for instance right this very second, I am supposed to be sewing some bibs for a friend to take to a baby shower and I am typing this post instead..

11. If I were a dog... I would snuggle all day.. and maybe see what pooping in the yard is like, ihear it’s nice.. or so this angel says..

12. I don't believe...
that we will be leaving the country in less than two months!! Ahhh!! I am so excited.. we are going on a cruise to Belize, Bay of Mahogany, Isle of Roatan, and Cozumel.. This is our second cruise and I absolutely can not wait for 7 days of no cell phones, unlimited room service, spa time and enjoying the sweet life with my man, I could not be more excited!!

Well, that was exciting! I am ready for another linkup. What are your favorites?


  1. I am SO jealous of your cruise... I love going on cruises and it's been a while since the last one... I need a vaca! Enjoy yours for the rest of us :)

  2. beer is so good to me, but I also love red wine...basically anything that gives me a buzz...haha..and I NEVER stick to plans...thanks for linking with us, and have a good weekend!

  3. Just found you through Mama Laughlin's blog. You live in Brandon? Me too!

    1. Yes! But i thought I deleted that information hahaah!

  4. Your teeth have nothing on my chicklets!! LOL