Monday, February 24, 2014

The Day I Decided to Start Blogging..

Well, here we go, my very first blog post. I'm guessing this post is supposed to be me telling you a little about myself.. Do y'all know how awkward that is? Do you remember being in class and the teacher asking you to tell everyone about yourself and then thinking, "Oh God, who am I?" I feel like that's what is happening here times five because it's the internet and there are way more people to judge me here.. But since I pretty much don't care what people think and end up being the most awkward person ever anyway, I will just share with you a little about my morning so far, until I can compose a real About Me post.. 

4:00 a.m. my boyfriend's (Jesse) alarm goes off and he wakes up for work.. most of the time he is pretty good about this and doesn't bother me too much if I have gotten his clothes together the night before. Oh, he works 48 hour shifts out of town so he has to have extra clothes, underwear, his shaver, etc. I'm not a crazy girlfriend, just nice.. sometimes. Somehow he takes a shower and gets ready and is out of the door by 4:35-4:40. Don't ask me how, he is Superman I guess.
4:30 a.m. my alarm goes off.. I hit the snooze button. Shortly after this Jesse kisses me and Rylee (our dog) bye and leaves.
4:45 a.m. my alarm goes off again, I am halfway awake at this point and my dog is all the way awake so we get up and go outside.
4:55 a.m. I start getting ready.. hair, makeup, clothes, brushing teeth etc. the normal things people do when they get ready in the morning. I take a shower the night before and straighten my hair so this goes off pretty easily most days. Pretty boring so far, yes?
5:25 a.m. I am pouring coffee and getting ready to walk out of the door.. Rylee has food and water, I have my lunch ready and am about to walk out of the door, if I can only find my keys.. where are they? Key hanger? No, why would they be there? Purse? No, that would make too much sense. Kitchen cabinet? Nope, not there either. I check my car to make sure they aren't locked in there (again) and they aren't there either! Where could they be? 
By this time it is 5:35 and if I don't leave soon I am surely going to be annoying close to almost late for work (6:00 a.m. is what time I am supposed to be there 5:45 is what time my co-workers think I should get there). I try to get there around 5:50, I live about 12 minutes away from work so this is starting to get annoying. So I call Jesse our conversation goes something along the lines of this..

Me: Hey babe, just wondering, did you see my keys when you left for working this morning?"
Him: "Son of a ...!!"
Me: They are sitting on your console right beside you, aren't they?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "Son of a ...!!"

He is now over an hour away and there is no way he can just turn around and bring them to me which, even if he did that would only make BOTH of us late for work anyway. You're thinking, "it's fine girl, just use your spare key!" HA! Laughable. I lost that thing years ago. All of my family members and friends live a couple of (albeit small) towns away, so that is out. His mom is already on the way to work, so she can't help me. So I did the last thing I wanted to do.. I called work and got them to someone to come and get me. I guess that is one of perks of not living very far from work. But what an embarrassing call to make! "Hey, I am the least responsible person in the world! Can y'all send someone to come pick me up?" Gosh!! 
        This is pretty much par for the course for me. If it's not my keys it's my purse.. or my makeup bag.. or my driver's license (how does this even happen?) or some other thing that I definitely need to live my life in a normal manner! I didn't name this blog "Miss Hot Mess Express" for no reason!

So, here we are, the end of my very first blog post. I don't think anything could describe my life better than this morning can, but I will be back soon with a real About Me post complete with pictures and everything! Thanks for reading!


  1. I just stumbled on your blog somehow, yay for creating a blog:) and this sounds like something I would do for sure! Ahha

    Welcome to the blog world!

  2. WELCOME, lady! And thanks for leaving a comment earlier. Try googling "fix no reply blogger." It will link up your comments to your email and people can respond back to you. :)

  3. Hi, I stumbled across your blog from "MamaLaughlin" , I am not a blogger, but I love reading other peoples blogs, and looking forward to reading more of yours :)