Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I titled this post "Choices" I guess it could have been titled "About Me", "Who am I?", or a number of other things, but I will leave it at "Choices". Because that is what this is about, choices (SN: if you say choices a lot, it stops sounding like a real word). More on that later, lets get started with the About Me part, I promise to keep it short, I hope..

My name is Heather. I take an annoying amount of selfies. Like, people make fun of me for it.. Not to my face, but they still do.. they'll get over it. I don't do it to be vain, I just need to see how I look sometimes.. okay, and, i like making funny faces AND I like annoying people on facebook with my selfies, the truth is out!

I am 25 years old and I live in the South. I love it here. I've never lived anywhere else but I am still pretty sure it's the best place to live, ever. I like fishing, I hate hunting, I am in love with Harry Potter and Mean Girls. 

I have a boyfriend named Jesse. He is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. He always tells me that I am pretty when I don't feel pretty and he will be silly with me whenever I want. I don't know what I would do without him!

And a dog named Rylee. He is awesome. He likes to snuggle and listens to my secrets. He also looks dang good in a sweater. 

I love my little "family". These two are seriously my favorites in all of the land!

My blog will be "semi-anonymous", at least for now. What do I mean by semi-anonymous? Basically, I will share pictures of myself, my boyfriend, and my dog but I am not planning on sharing this with my friends or other family members, at least not yet. I don't think I am ready for everyone I know to read what I post, at least not until I am comfortable writing.

Now, lets get on to the "choices" part of this, shall we? Let me tell you, I make horrible choices. I eat bad, I could go to the gym but I don't, I lay in the bed for way too much of my day. I am fat and I am lazy and it is my own fault.. until now. From this point forward, I will make GOOD choices. I will go to the gym, even when Jesse is working. I will eat better, and I will cook healthy food. 
Which comes back to the point of this blog.. to make friends! Friends who keep me accountable.. who have gone through what I am going through.. who are going through it right now. I have been through this too many times to count. Started a diet, lost a little weight, stopped, gained the weight back.. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I am sick of the way I look, I am sick of the way others look at me, and I am sick of the way I feel.
So, I guess it all comes down to this.. I will be skinny again.. I will look good.. and I will feel good! 

I was inspired to start a weight loss blog by,, and I am also totally in love with Holly from, Whitney from  makes me want to move to Florida everyday, Karly from is the funniest blogger i have ever read, and Kate from makes my hair beautiful.
Do you have a  blog? Post the link in the comments! I promise to check you out and leave you comments! Which blogs do you think are funny and inspiring? Who is your favorite "weight loss" blogger? Let me know! :)


  1. MamaLaughlin & SkinnyMeg are my FAVS!

    ( )
    ( )

  2. I looove SkinnyMeg!! :) Also, 24to30!

    My blog is at: -- come visit me! :)

  3. Hi!
    I found you through HubbyJack's Blog Attack! I also love Mama L! :)
    And I love your posts so far!
    I'm also trying to get healthy again and lose some weight. I was doing pretty well for a while, but then I fell off the bandwagon and sit in bed all day, watching Netflix! haha. Things need to change! We should help each other out! :)
    Come vist me at:

  4. I also love MamaLaughlin and SkinnyMegs blogs, I read their blogs each time they post something new, they keep me motivated, I've lost 80 pounds and over the winter have managed to gain almost 20 pounds, makes me sick to think about it. Since the end of January, I have gone to the gym with my husband 4-5 days a week, we were just doing an hour of cardio, but 2 weeks ago, I decided (Mamalaughlin helped me decide, by looking so great) to cut my cardio to 35 minutes and then hit the weight machines for 30 minutes. I am hoping that I can gain some confidence and start trying the free weights, but am afraid of others in the gym would see me as a hot mess and silently laugh at themselves :) Good Luck!

  5. hi! Mama Laughlin inspires me on the daily also! i'm beginning my weight loss journey AND attempting a blog as well! good luck on your journey! :) i'm excited for you!