Friday, March 28, 2014

ABC's of Me!

I saw this post on Erin's page and it reminded me of all those times I did the same thing on Facebook as a teenager, so here we go!

A - Age: 25.
B - Birthday: January 22. still in that awkward stage after Christmas where people think it's appropriate to give you combined Christmas and Birthday gifts. NOT COOL.
C - Color: Pink!
D - Drink: Sonic Route 44 Unsweet Tea with extra raspberry flavor add-in! Before I gave up cokes completely it used to be a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla flavor add-in. 
E - Eyes: Green
F - Flashback: Mine and Jesse’s frst date, we were adorable. 

G - Gents - see above :)
H - Hobby: I have just started sewing and I love it!
I - Indulgence – Sour cream and onion potato chips and a Dr. Pepper. I will take this before a cheat meal any day.
J - Job: Will not be talked about on my blog, just know that I save lives. :)
K - Kiddos: Rylee. He’s a chorkie and he’s almost 4 and I love him more than I love most people. He is my best friend.

he snapchats.

L - Love: Jesse.
M - Music: Mostly country but some top 40 also.
N - Nickname: I have always wanted a nickname and never got one. Womp womp. Interesting fact of the day.. My frends names are Amy, Brittneigh, Hailee, Jesse, Rylee.. I’m the only one with out a –y sound at the end of my name so sometimes my boyfriend calls me Heatheigh to make me feel better.
O - One Wish: That me Jesse and Rylee can lead happy, healthy lives.. and that I can be skinny.. I’m hoping to catch Mono or something..
P - Pets: Rylee. . we also had a beta fish named Carl for about a year.. his death was tragic.
Q - Quote: It will all be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
R - Residence: An apartment. I really want a house.. like, really..
S - Siblings: Katelyn, she’s 21. 

T - Temperature: Hot. Very hot. I would rather it be 95 degrees than 65.
U - University: LSU!

my phone was broken and I really needed a selfie.

V - Vehicle: A Chevy Cobalt. I bought and paid for it all by myself when I was 18 and now it is paid off and so hard to get rid of.. I would really like a Ford Flex and I might get one this year but not having a car payment is so nice!
W - Worst Habit: admittedly, I drink too many margaritas at one time, amongst many others.
X - XRays: I had 21 done yesterday.. seriously. My sister is in Dental Hygiene School and needed someone to do a practical on, so I volunteered!
Y - Yuck: milk. I’m lactose intolerant and milk just.. ugh. gross. It doesn’t even taste good.
Z - Zodiac: Aquarius.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Weekend Recap!

  Happy Monday everyone!!
  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I didn't post Friday and I don't have a long post today, I just wanted to say hi!!
  My weekend was pretty uneventful.. went to look at venues Friday for an engagement party I am throwing.. Saturday I got a spray tan and my nails done in that order, bad idea, my fingertips are a different color than the rest of me. then I had Italian cheat meal that I didn't even enjoy.
  Sunday we caught the matinee Divergent. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it but it was GREAT! I am not a Shailene Woodley fan, mostly because I don't believe in being different just for the sake of being different which I think she is, but the movie was phenomenal and I would definitely go see it again. Highly recommend! There is some violence but I think the message is worth it to kids so if you have older kids I would even say send them!
  Well, that's about all I have for today! Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things I don't Understand (about Blogging).

I think I have stated this once or twice.. BLOGGING IS HARD. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. No idea what I should write about.. and NO IDEA how to make friends.. so I decided to make a list in hopes that one day, someone who knows what they are doing may read this and have pity on my poor, poor soul.. p.s. even if you are a "new blogger" i still accept pity.
[ONE] Is it rude to link my page in the comments I make on other people's pages? I would not consider this rude if it were me but it seems like those comments are the ones I don't get commented back to.
[TWO] How the eff do you make a freakin button?!?! Like, really slowly explain it to me! i want glittery fonts and like, script and awesomeness. Or, I bet you need practice, wanna make one for me? That would be FABULOUS!!
[THREE] Why is it when I look on Pinterest at blog ideas every single one is "HOW TO MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG!!" Well Pinterest, thanks, but lets take baby steps first, shall we? I doubt I will ever make money off of my blog and if I do, I am thinking people will actually need to read it first!
[FOUR] Should I tell my friends about this blog? I don't really want to. My boyfriend knows.. that's about it.. but one day when I say, hey I'm brave, let's share my blog with others will it be too late? Will they be like, why didn't you tell us sooner that is such a great idea, I want to blog too!! How rude will I look.. Okay, my friends won't think I'm rude, but you get the point.. 
[FIVE] Back to Pinterest, it is always asking me the following..
   "what is the vision for your blog?" uhm.. not to suck. 
   "what kind of blogger are you?" i'm a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch.. Apparently that is not an available category. Snobs. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jolly Rancher Jell-O Shots.

  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
A lot of you may not know this, but the area I live in has one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day Parades in America. So in honor of this, and the fact that I find it pretty hilarious people actually come from out of town to view the shit-fest that is our St. Patrick's Day Parade I thought I would introduce you to every southern girl's best friend/worst nightmare when it comes to a party.. Jell-O shots. 
  Now, I have tried about a million different ways to make Jell-O shots but the easiest way has always tasted the best. And, not to brag but I have often been complimented with making the best Jell-O shots EVER. Granted, some of these people may have been slightly intoxicated but a lot of them remembered afterwards and I am always granted this task for the parade.. so without further ado.. 

Step One: Go shopping. 
You will need:
Jell-O (I highly recommend Jolly Rancher Jell-O)
Sugar (if you buy regular Jell-O).
Containers for Jello.  
-> I recommend Jolly Rancher Jell-O because I feel like it has the best flavor and you do not have to add sugar, but it is up to you.. 
     Pro Tip: If you have waited until the last minute the night before St. Patrick's Day to go get your Jell-O mixing the blue and yellow packs (of regular Jell-O) taste just as good as just green Jell-O..
-> I usually buy the middle of the line vodka, not the cheapest because, gross.. but not the most expensive because a lot of the taste will be masked by the Jell-O anyway. 
-> I usually buy a couple of packs of these plastic cups and fill them halfway. Some people buy the small containers restaurants give you when you get to-go salad dressing but I find these work better because you can squeeze them and you can get more for less money.  

  Step Two: Make Jell-O shots. 
1. Boil (1) cup of water for every small Jell-O pack you have.
-> I do not recommend making more than 2 or 3 at a time because you will have to rush later, if you have a lot of help you may be able to make more at a time. 
2. Add small packet of Jell-O. 
3. Add 1/2 cup of sugar. 
-> this step is unnecessary if you are using the Jolly Rancher Jell-O.

Once everything is mixed together (while still hot)
 4. Add 1 cup chilled Vodka for every cup of water you have added.
 5. Pour into container and let set over night.
-> you have to be pretty fast at this part because your Jell-O will start getting solid before you have actually finished pouring it into the containers. That's why I recommend only doing a small amount at a time.

  Pretty easy right? I have made these for everything from the parade to a bachelorette party and they are always a hit!

Vodka Gummy Bears.

1. Put Gummy Bears in bowl. 
2. Drown bears in vodka. 
3. Let set over night. 

Easy! You now have vodka that tastes like Gummy Bears and Gummy Bears that are vodka infused! YUM! 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Backthatazzup Monday? Gif Edition

  LinkUps are probably my favorite thing about blogging.

  This week has been terrible you might think it is looking up because YAY! it's almost the weekend.. buuuut I have to work all weekend.

  Wednesday I lied to ya'll and said I was going to the gym and I did not so that means after I work all weekend I will be going everyday. Which I am actually going to do. I partially blame Jesse for me not going though because I would say, "are we going to the gym?" Meaning "*I* am going to the gym, are you coming with me?" And he would say, "Yes, lets just do ______ first.." and then we never went.

  He is working this weekend though so I won't have an excuse. I will just go after I get off work.. and tan.
  On top of that I have eaten like crap. We are approaching 40 days until vacation so I have really got to get on my A Game. Like that will help by the time it gets here..

  Here is to hoping the rest of the week goes much better than it has thus far.. and that I don't do this..
Now for the linkup!
It's #backthatazzup friday!
Go visit Whitney and link up also!!

This song is very appropriate for my week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings.

  I have not been to the gym in THREE DAYS. Ugh. Sunday was an off day so that’s not so bad! Monday I have no idea what happened, I came home from work, sat down with my boyfriend and looked up and it was 9:30! And then, last night, I subbed for my mom’s bunko group. I am going tonight and I know I am going to wish I hadn’t taken this mini break but I am not going to stop going or let this get me off track. I try to go at least 3 times a week so I will just have to make it up.

  I have been pretty busy, this week I am working 60 hours and honestly I am glad! For one, overtime! For another, I eat better when I am working. I guess it is because I can plan better.

  I am sending my dog Rylee to obedience classes in May. Honestly, we should have sent him to puppy classes but it just did not happen. He is the sweetest dog in the world and a good dog MOST OF THE TIME. If he is let out often enough, he doesn’t have accidents BUT if he isn’t let out he just doesn’t tell us he needs to go. I know this is an owner problem and not a dog problem but it gets frustrating. I can however tell you, he is the most loved puppy I know AND the most loving! J The classes that we will be going to will be good for him because he will be around more dogs and will learn better habits. I know a lady that has taken all of her dogs to these classes and her dogs ring a bell when they want to go out! How cool is that?!
early morning snuggles with my very best friend.
  Well, that’s about all I have for today.. Blogging is hard.. Especially since I feel most of the time like I am talking to myself because I’m pretty sure no one reads this..

Monday, March 10, 2014

Annoying Monday.

I think I need mood altering medication sometimes, ya'll. Seriously. Some things just really get on my nerves. I mean, really! And I will be the first to Admit, some of them are completely irrational. I don't like to intentionally hurt other's feelings so the people doing these things don't even know but UUUGGGHHH! Annoying!!
So, in honor of everyone's least favorite day of the week here are 6 things that really get under my skin. 

  Sending me an email typed in Comic Sans. Well, anything typed in Comic Sans really. I can not take you seriously.
  Any color hi-liter other than yellow at the office. It just looks so unprofessional to me. I didn't even use anything other than yellow in college. I know this one is really irrational but it bothers me. 
  The fact that people fish in the pond at our apartments. It's a POND. There are fish in it. I get it. But (to me) it just looks SO BAD. I hate it. I do not like coming home at the end of the day seeing people wearing the worst clothes that they own standing around my building. My boyfriend says this is snooty of me buuuut...
  Intentionally mispronouncing words. It's "library" not "lie-berry". 
  Posting things on the internet that you would not say to someone's face. I don't get this. It doesn't make you look witty or cool. It makes you look like a loser. And don't get mad when people call you a loser because that's exactly what you are. 
  Putting down others for not liking/disliking the same things you like/dislike. Harry Potter is cool. You don't have to read it or think the memes are funny, but I do. Same thing goes for Keeping up with the Kardashians. Scott Disick is hilarious, okay? 

I'm just eating some placenta.

Well that's all I have for this lovely Monday morning. I could have made this list much longer but it starts getting very irrational! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and your week is awesome!