Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things I don't Understand (about Blogging).

I think I have stated this once or twice.. BLOGGING IS HARD. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. No idea what I should write about.. and NO IDEA how to make friends.. so I decided to make a list in hopes that one day, someone who knows what they are doing may read this and have pity on my poor, poor soul.. p.s. even if you are a "new blogger" i still accept pity.
[ONE] Is it rude to link my page in the comments I make on other people's pages? I would not consider this rude if it were me but it seems like those comments are the ones I don't get commented back to.
[TWO] How the eff do you make a freakin button?!?! Like, really slowly explain it to me! i want glittery fonts and like, script and awesomeness. Or, I bet you need practice, wanna make one for me? That would be FABULOUS!!
[THREE] Why is it when I look on Pinterest at blog ideas every single one is "HOW TO MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG!!" Well Pinterest, thanks, but lets take baby steps first, shall we? I doubt I will ever make money off of my blog and if I do, I am thinking people will actually need to read it first!
[FOUR] Should I tell my friends about this blog? I don't really want to. My boyfriend knows.. that's about it.. but one day when I say, hey I'm brave, let's share my blog with others will it be too late? Will they be like, why didn't you tell us sooner that is such a great idea, I want to blog too!! How rude will I look.. Okay, my friends won't think I'm rude, but you get the point.. 
[FIVE] Back to Pinterest, it is always asking me the following..
   "what is the vision for your blog?" uhm.. not to suck. 
   "what kind of blogger are you?" i'm a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch.. Apparently that is not an available category. Snobs. 

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  1. Blogging is REALLY hard. It takes a ton of time and a ton of energy. I've been blogging for almost 4 years, but I still have questions and don't get a lot of things. I will say I have made some really amazing friends through blogging.
    1. Commenting is KEY. Comment on blogs you like, on ones that you really feel like you have a connection with. Also, I always leave my link at the bottom, mostly because I find it easier when people do that for me (a lot of times their blogger profile doesn't link to their blog).
    2. You need to tell your friends if you want to grow your blog. Tell your friends, tell your family, etc. I was really embarrassed when I realized everyone at work knew about my blog. But I work really hard on it and I spend a lot of time on it, and I am proud of it, so I got over the embarrassment and embraced it. One of my coworkers actually reads it and likes to talk about it now.
    3. Link ups are a great way to meet other bloggers. Lots of blogs have link ups, but you need to not just link up, but also go comment on others (remember commenting is key).
    4. Promote your posts on social media.
    5. Hang in there. Finding what you really like to write about and where you want it to go takes time, but just keep working on it. If you want it to go places, you have to put the time into it.

    I hope this helps some... email me if you ever want to talk more! I am by no means an expert, but I know sometimes it helps just having someone to talk to :)